Automated Business Intelligence

Free your minds and automate your business

The power of automation

Modern day businesses require high levels of operational efficiency and customer intelligence. Neither of these can be achieved using multiple non-integrated tools.

We combine your business processes, data and customer intelligence with our smart technology into a single, scalable, secure and affordable cloud based solution.

Our eAutomate™ platform gives a level of business and customer intelligence like nothing that has gone before, releasing the processing power and efficiency of automated technology whilst freeing up valuable human resource to do more creative work.

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It's time to work smarter, not harder. Embrace the power of automation.
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eAutomate™ - Free your minds

Our eAutomate™ platform can combine your customer data, business systems, eCommerce, and marketing tools into a single, automated solution.

Say goodbye to multiple disconnected systems and an ever-growing list of subscriptions and say hello to a smarter, integrated and automated platform that saves you time, makes you more profitable and creates happy customers.

Harness the power of automation, free the minds of your work-force and empower your business to do more.

It's not often you get the opportunity to transform how people do business. At Etellect, we do. Your data is your business and the flow of your data is its life blood. Our platform brings next generation intelligence on how best to use it. Welcome to automation.

We love what we do
We've been in the business of improving our clients' businesses for 16 years and they love us for it.

Knowledge is power

Our platform offers the best value when we get to look inside your business. You know your business better than anyone and we have the software and knowledge to give you the edge. Talk to us about our free, no obligation business automation assessment.

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