The power of automation

The power of automation

The power of automation

Modern day businesses require high levels of operational efficiency and customer intelligence. Neither of these can be achieved using multiple non-integrated tools. At Etellect we combine your business know-how, data and customer information into a single, scalable, secure and affordable solution. Our eAutomate™ platform gives you a level of business and customer intelligence like never before that empowers you to create better customer experiences, increase sales and even automate laborious tasks, freeing up valuable human resource for more creative work.  Contact us today for your free business assessment and take a positive step closer to achieving your business objectives.

  • Showered with Accolades

    We helped the Shower Doctor grow their online sales

    The Shower Doctor is the leading supplier for shower parts and accessories in the UK.  The company has experienced rapid growth utilising the power and flexibility of the Etellect IQ ecommerce platform.   Find out more about how The Shower Doctor is developing their business to provide the complete and fully integrated online experience for their customers.

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