Etellect is a technology company that specialises in the development of online business automation technology and solutions. 

Business automation software is a generic term that is used freely to describe a set of computer programmes or applications that perform various business functions without direct human intervention. . These business applications are primarily used to increase productivity or to perform business functions accurately and repetitively.

Etellect is a Microsoft .NET specialist development agency. This means that we can develop business software and software products and applications from the ground up or create custom plug-ins for existing packaged software. This gives our clients a competitive advantage as we can develop directly on top of their existing software systems and also use our know-how and experience to improve their business systems, making them more efficient.

Partnering with some of the biggest software companies in the world, we believe, gives us an edge.

Software Partners

  • Intact Software
  • Microsoft
  • Sage

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Etellect is not just a web agency, we're a specialist technology agency... there's a big difference

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an all encompassing phrase used to describe the span of information across an entire organisation, embracing finance and accounting functions, manufacturing, sales, CRM... the list goes on.

Etellect partners with a number of ERP software providers to provide our clients with a one stop shop when it comes to integrating their online and back office systems. 

Enterprise systems software is big business and is crucial to select the right system for your organisation and business vertical.  Etellect can help identify the appropriate solution and then implement an effective software product to meet the requirement.

Etellect has recently partnered with Intact Software, a leader in the development of the next generation of .NET based ERP software. This software integrates seamlessly with the Etellect IQ platform to provide a complete End to End system.

CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions

Having a Connected CRM customised to your business processes and sales function is crucial to the success of any modern day organisation.

Customer Relationship Management has change dramatically in recent years and continues to do so. The online connected world we now live in throws up many challenges for traditional CRM technologies. Having a static relational database system that stores your contact information has become a positive hindrance the the business sales process.

CRM must now be flexible and integrated, it must be able to pull and push data from and to a myriad of applications. In short, it too, must be connected. It forms the life blood of an organisation and as such has become much more than a simple contact management tool.
Etellect has developed a flexible CRM framework for both inbound and outbound customer interaction. What makes our solution so effective however is in it's flexible nature and that it integrates directly with your customers via your website or customer portal.  It ties together the lead generation from your website or sales channel with the ongoing communications and interactions with your customer base.  Etellect CRM represents a leap forward in Connected CRM management, 

Application Development

Application Development

Etellect’s technical experts have a wealth of experience in the development of advanced web based and Windows based solutions and applications

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Etellect can provide specialist consultancy and development services for the complete range of Microsoft Solutions and Server Products.

Etellect is proud of its reputation and credentials in developing fully integrated software solutions based on the power and flexibility of the Microsoft .Net Technology Platform. Specialists in the development of Web Services and Mobile applications,

Etellect is perfectly positioned to provide the right mix of developing custom applications but also pulling on a broad range of .NET modules that draw on the power and flexibility of the full Microsoft application toolkit.

.NET Consultancy

.NET Consultancy

Etellect’s technical experts and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with your business.

We have been developing .NET web solutions since the early days of .NET and have the experience and credentials to deliver real and profitable solutions that utilise the true power of the .NET platform.

 We have a wealth of experience in:

  • eCommerce and eBusiness systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • CRM Systems 
  • Internet ‘best use’ and efficiency
  • Digital marketing
  • Specialist Hosting services
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Software testing
  • eStrategy Development

Our team of Microsoft accredited .NET developers can deliver solutions based on a variety of technologies, including, C#, VB.NET, MS SQL, XML, to name but a few. We can architect, project manage and deliver a software solution to your exacting business requirements. 

Etellect eAutomate

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