Digital marketing is about engaging with your customers through electronic devices
In today's fast moving world, getting your brand noticed online above the electronic background clutter is becoming a challenge for even the most experienced of marketing professionals. Digital Marketing Agency Etellect have worked with many clients to help them engage more effectively with their customers.

Digital marketing is a process which leads to the development of a business or brand by using various digital channels, for example, email, text messaging or social networks.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We can create a buzz about your brand and make sure your business gets noticed.

Etellect has a wealth of experience in advising clients on the ins and outs of digital marketing.  Digital Marketing is a vast area, encompassing advertising, brand marketing, email marketing and telesales.

Having the right marketing strategy is crucial to online success.  We have also developed marketing and communications software to support our clients marketing efforts. InstantReach is a fully integrated SaaS solution that provides integrated broadcast email, SMS as well as supporting fully branded survey and event management too.

If your current website isn't quite hitting the mark, we can help.   Why not contact us today and see what services we can provide to support your digital marketing ambitions.   



Search Engine Optimisation vs Search Engine Marketing are one in the same... aren't they?

Well no, not really. When it comes to search engine optimisation, this primarily deals with the effectiveness of your website technology and architecture as to how well you're likely to climb the heady heights of the global and local search results. Search engine marketing is something quite different. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a much broader topic, and more generally involves what keywords and phrases best fit your business and your market.

Our SEO friendly content management software is expert at that bit, and when you enter your keywords and title tags our technology takes care of the rest. SEM is more involved in that we analyise your competitors and consider your service offerings to ensure we get the right strategy to support your online ambitions.



Pay Per Click or Pay Per Acquisition? That is the question...

Having a successful pay per click campaign can do wonders for your bottom line. Get it wrong though and it's like turning on a tap and draining the profits of your business, with little to show in return.

Etellect can help you with your PPC and PPA campaigns and understand the complexities of running profitable campaigns to meet online sales targets.

As a Google Partner, we are well placed to advise and implement successful PPC campaigns.

Pay per Acquisition is the holy grail of online digital marketing, whereby cost is directly proportional to sales and profit. Getting this strategy right is key to future prosperity. Etellect has close working relationships with special affiliate marketing business who work solely on PPA commissions and who are expert at converting and generating new business from lukewarm leads.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Measure, Measure and measure some more... only then focus your strategy

Having a focused marketing strategy is a great way to grow and sustain any business. Moving a business online is tough, especially when we now live in a connect world, where sales can happen at any time of the day or night.

Analytics provides a way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It is also a way of tailoring your strategy and if done effectively, able to target opportunities at the earliest opportunity.

Etellect has a tremendous amount of experience in the generation and interpretation of the myriad of online measurement tools available today. These include Google Analytics, Majestic SEO and Linkdex, to name but a few. 

Etellect IQ integrates directly with these online measures to provide real-time information that can be used to optimise your website.

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