Automated eCommerce for growing online businesses

If you are considering running an ecommerce business or have in place an ecommerce website but have outgrown its capabilities, then perhaps now is a good time to consider Etellect as your preferred online eCommerce solutions partner.

Etellect is expert in delivering fully integrated customer service solutions for our eCommerce clients.

Why not take a look now at what we have done for Ultimo a leading lingerie website in the UK that is also reaching foreign shores, or take a look at Showerdoc, a multi-million pound turnover business, that sells shower spares to the UK and internationally.

Our offer of building your next ecommerce website is that it comes with integration built in, to ensure your systems work seamlessly together to maintain healthy relationships all of which will drive future sales.

And we don't just build fully functional ecommerce platforms we have the necessary knowledge and experience to market your business on a global scale. If you really want to take your website's conversion rates to the next level, and you are willing to be absolutely committed and focused to work with a talented team of software developers, designers and marketeers,then we would like to talk.

Our passion for technology and our dedication and commitment to our client's online goals, makes Etellect stand out from the crowd. Why not contact us today and find out how Etellect can transform your online business.

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Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Shopping Engine
  • Monitor and track customers online activities
  • Easy to integrate with third party systems

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

You can only increase productivity and reduce business costs by tailoring your computer systems to work in harmony with your business processes

Having a powerful core base platform is a necessity in the selection of a suitable eCommerce solutions partner, but what sets them apart is about how the solution can be readily customised to specific client requirements.

Successful businesses understand that it is their uniqueness in the market place that makes them stand out from the crowd. It's important to understand the difference between an off the shelf solution, that has been created to satisfy the majority of online businesses, and a fully customisable platform that can be moulded to specific business processes.

Etellect specialises in providing bespoke solutions. We use our expertise and experience to create a focussed solution tailored to our client's need. Today's consumers demand this and expect this level of customisation and without it your online business will be unable to develop and grow with your business.

Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

Integration is at the heart of everything we do

Integration is key to any successful eCommerce solution. Etellect has the knowledge and experience to link to any back office system or third party solution, be they web based or otherwise. Etellect IQ is a platform built to ensure integration with any third party application can be readily achieved. Modern day shopping carts require to be connected to a multitude of systems and services, so having a mechanism to connect to these systems is crucial to the success of the solution. Etellect has a strong track record in the development of software solutions that have an integration framework at their core. Etellect has integration modules available for the majority of mainstream systems and suppliers, including Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Intact IQ for back office system integration and eBay, Amazon and for market place integration.

End to End

End to End

Etellect is a specialist eCommerce solution provider and offer a full End to End Cloud based platform to established online retailers.

Etellect helps build successful and profitable online businesses. To this end, Etellect has developed one of the most powerful online eCommerce platforms available today, built on the power of the Microsoft .NET framework and server technologies.

End to End means just that. From the customer finding the website via a search engine to the package being successfully delivered to the customer's door, Etellect IQ provides the technology to seamlessly deliver a smooth and integrated flow of information from the customer through order management, invoicing and delivery.

eTrade is fully integrated with the suite of Etellect products, including eCMS, eSupport and eShot to provide a complete customised eBusiness solution that can be managed and hosted professionally by us.

Etellect can provide a complete eCommerce solution to our clients particular requirements and have the knowledge and experience to deliver real eBusiness solutions that work. These services are offered on a monthy or annual fee basis. Please contact us for further information.

International eCommerce

International eCommerce

We live in a connected world but you must be plugged in to compete

The world of commerce has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the development of the World Wide Web and the standardisation of payment systems across continents. The result is the creation of the biggest single market ever, dwarfing individual economies and giving business access to literally billions of consumers.

Having an ecommerce solution provider that can provide a flexible platform to exploit this market is key to future prosperity and growth. No longer can a business be content with selling within its own national boundaries. It must look further and recognise the immense potential offered by having a shop window with global reach.

To this end, Etellect has developed a fully integrated multi-lingual, multi-currency platform that can target content to the user, regardless of their nationality or global location.

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