Attract new customers and deliver on the needs of your existing customers with a new set of web tools and technologies.

Our in-house design team are able to create web solutions that have the design edge that is critical in today's image driven world. We are proud also of our reputation at being able to deliver advanced, interactive solutions within tight time scales to stringent specification.

We also believe that good design is not just about pretty pictures, its about making the user experience something exciting and imaginative. Accessibility and usability are key to delivering a successful web solution and central to its function and design

Etellect is the complete eSolution provider and able to provide the creative input that will make your eSolution stand out from the crowd.

With this industry-leading application development foundation, you can improve designer and developer workflow. Smooth the creation of cutting-edge user experiences and user interfaces. And broadly expose your customers' brands through this Microsoft content delivery network and advertising platform while opening up new areas of revenue for your business.

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Responsive Design

  • Ipad/ Mobile Compatible
  • CSS3/ HTML5 Compatible
  • Coded with special attention to page load optimization
  • Tested for different screen resolutions
  • Strict markup with SEO Semantic Coding

Content Management

Content Management

Real-time management of your website content .. that was easy!

Etellect IQ can be used to support a stand alone brochure website or as part of a fully integrated online ecommerce solution.

Managing web content can often be a technical exercise, time consuming and costly. With Etellect IQ anyone who has limited experience with word processing can manage an entire website's content. Using the simple 'what you see is what you get' interface' WISIWYG interface, you and your staff can update your web content and imagery from a web browser anytime, day or night, without breaking a sweat.

Etellect IQ content manager is intuitive and powerful and can be tailored to any requirement. As it's our own technology, it can also evolve with your business, and being part of our core IQ platform, it never goes out of date and is automatically updated to accommodate changes in browser technology and the latest in mobile developments.

Why not call today for a demonstration and see just how easy it can be to update and manage your website.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Platform independent, auto scaling and mobile compliant

Etellect is at the forefront of online application development and the latest release of our content manager is now fully Responsive.  That's all well and good, but what exactly does that mean?  The simplest of explanations is to demonstrate it's power.  If you grab the browser window, displaying this website, you'll see exactly what Responsive design is...

Try the same thing on your iPad, iPhone or smartphone.  You'll see it rescaling in real-time, presenting the content in an optimised format, specific to the viewing device. We think it's pretty cool.

We believe this technology is going to change the way websites are built and it's only going to get more impressive from here on in.  Our latest release of Etellect IQ incorporates a responsive framework that can be applied to a fully functioning ecommerce website too. Imagine having only one website to manage, all products and images are scaled automatically to accommodate the user's device of choice.

SEO Performance

SEO Performance

Having a templated, mass produced website is like having a car with a steering wheel but with no windows.

The Internet today has matured considerably in recent years and today's search engines are becoming ruthless in the pursuit of quality content.

One of the most relevant but mis-understood aspects of web design relates to how the website is perceived and spidered by search engines. Having a great looking site is obviously a primary factor in the creation of a successful online web presence, however, if this website is unable to rank successfully on the major search engines, its value to the organisation could be reduced and indeed be detrimental to its success. This is why a digital marketing strategy is important. 

Etellect is expert in the delivery of websites that can rank successfully on the major search engines. Our content management system has been built to ensure that the web pages present a clean and compatible structure to the search engine agents resulting in first page rankings for keywords and search phrases.

Having a website that can adapt to the changes in search engine algorithms is key to ensuring that you website can consistently rank above your competitors. Etellect provides the necessary tools and flexible technology to sell your business online and to gain greater market share.

Web Accessiblity

Web Accessiblity

Making websites more usable and accessible to all is fundamental to the success of any website

Web accessibility is about making websites more usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.  Etellect has been involved in the development of websites that meet stringent W3C accessibility standards. 

Having a website that has been built with accessibility at its core tends to rank better on the major search engines and also provides a better user experience for the end user.

Etellect has worked with various charities and organisations in the development of websites that meet the AAA and AA standards of web accessibility.

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