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Etellect help Institute of Counselling spend their digital marketing budget better

The Institute of Counselling (IoC) are a non-for-profit independent educational organisation who offer a comprehensive range of distance and on-line learning courses. They have a steady stream of visitors to their website to research and book courses and, as the website is the window to their business, it has to be user friendly, intuitive, easy to navigate and client focussed.

In June 2009 the IoC decided to completely revamp their website following an external brand review to assess the external customer engagement with the site. The website was deemed to be old fashioned, text heavy and hard to navigate.

Solution Overview

Integrated payment system for credit cards and PCI compliant storage
Integrated multi-diary management
Integrated booking and scheduling engine

Optimal Customer Journey

Etellect worked with the team at IoC to identify the individual customer journeys and defined the most direct pathways a customer would take to get to the key parts of the website. A new web navigation was developed to mirror these pathways and significantly improve the client’s journey through the IoC website. As a result, customers now spent significantly more time on the website which ultimately has resulted in improved sales.

Alongside the improvements in navigation Etellect also improved the overall look and feel of the website to give it a more modern persona to ensure it could compete better in what is a very busy marketplace.

More recently Etellect has developed a stand-alone website for the online graduate centre which is targeted at students who want to study for an online university qualification part-time, anywhere in the world. Etellect has led a very successful banner advert campaign to drive traffic to the website which is having fantastic results. Rather than advertising all year, Etellect has devised a schedule of PPC and Facebook Advertising campaigns to engage students at the right times of the year.

Etellect has been instrumental in driving revenues to both the main website and through the online graduate centre. They are extremely savvy in terms of their knowledge of website construction and user journeys and spotting opportunities to generate better customer engagement. They are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable therefore guide us to spend our budget on the campaigns that are focussed on generating enquiries and sales. At the forefront of technology, we are very interested in the next generation automation tools from Etellect as we believe this will be the future for our industry. By automating the entire selection and payment process for the students, the ‘behind the scenes administration’ is significantly reduced which will free our staff up to focus on taking on a more advisory role to the students

Simon Carr, General Manager and Principle Tutor

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