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Care for your healthcare customers
Customer Record Management
Customer Record Management
Manage all your customer records through our integrated CRM platform which fully controls your healthcare clients’ contact information.
Patient Security
Patient Security
Be safe in the knowledge that your patient records are safe and secure through our highly confidential security vault, with user permissions created at the outset.
Ensure you have up-to-the-minute information about your patients through our standard and customisable reports.
Mobile First
Mobile First
Ensure your customers can engage with your healthcare business on a mobile or tablet device to access their patient record, seamlessly contact your organisation, buy products and receive automated communications as they are created.
Provide your customers with an excellent customer buying and returns experience through our eCommerce solution.
Payment Solution
Payment Solution
A full integrated payment solution, EPayment from Etellect links with all major UK acquirer banks and automates the management of all payment activities.
Custom CRM with Intelligence built in
CRM, or customer relationship management, is a widely used terms that has come to be seen as one of the four corner stones of a digital transformation process. The concept is simple, get a single database to fully control and manage your contact and membership information.  eAutomate has embraced this idea fully but moved things forward by extending this principle to all aspects of the system.

We don't just stop there - we've added automation right at the system core. This means that information is not only able to be modified and controlled by the member or administration team, but eAutomate also has direct control to continually manage, update and optimize this information.

Every member interaction with the system adds to the information store and is immediately available for use by any of the automated system processes. Thousands of micro-processes work in harmony to provide a seamless and intelligent experience for each member. It's simple in concept but complex in execution. Membership automation truely unified with each member's personalised journey.  eAutomate is the Membership CRM for the digital age.
Integrated ECommerce
Almost all membership organisation are now benefiting from eCommerce in some or another. Subscription management or selling merchandise online are now seen as essential features from any modern membership management system. eAutomate has a powerful enterprise eCommerce module that supports this right from the go, however, it offers much more in addition.

eCommerce is actually intrinsically linked to many aspects of the membership experience, from having integrated Direct Debits, or credit card payments automated is only one of the many features that makes eAutomate stand out from the crowd. Etellect's sister solution ePayment is fully integrated with eAutomate to provide a fully PCI compliant integrated payment engine.
Subscription Automation
Managing the membership subscription process can be a challenging experience for any organisation. Traditionally this process has been central and core to any membership solution and there is generally good reason for this due to the need to take payment and keep the member informed of the specifics.

It is also a very visible process to both the member and the organisation and so it's important to get it right. Adding automation can be a great way to improve process efficiency but only if you get the right fundamentals in place first. eAutomate takes a different approach to typical membership software. The difference is in what is actually being automated. Most, if not all membership systems, choose to automate the process itself. This generally means all members a forced through the same process and are pushed through a rigid, inflexible workflow.

If the process is simple enough then this approach can provide a workable solution but given that most memberships offer various payment options and have numerous subscription levels and conditions, the complexity of a one size fits all approach is unlikely to provide the benefits and efficiencies promised. eAutomate takes a different approach by fully automating the individual member's subscription process. A subtle but distinct difference. By creating an automated subscription process that is tailored to each individual's need you can deliver a pleasant, efficient and unified service to all members, 24/7.

eAutomate takes responsibility for ensuring the member subscription process is controlled throughout and the member is kept informed at all times.
Content management that scales seamlessly
Content management has been around for sometime now, giving the freedom for administrators to publish information directly to the membership. What eAutomate does is take this power and supercharge it!

The principle is simple and expansive. Enter content once and use it anywhere. We consider content king and should be treated with the respect it deserves.  The key to this level of operation is how well this information is handled and how easily it can be presented to the user.

If a news article or blog entry is created, it immediately becomes accessible to the marketing engine and can be targeted directly to the member via the core personalisation algorithms. Omni-channel automation right from the start and executed seamlessly.  Intelligent management of all content delivered to the right member, at the right time, in the correct format.  It's as simple as that really.
Event Automation
Most, if not all membership organisations, run annual conferences or are required to run regular events. Providing an integrated solution that can manage this activity tends to be difficult, either requiring extensive customisation of existing systems or integration to a stand alone event management system.

This can lead to disconnected information sources and can become difficult to manage. There also tends to be a need to take payment and for a number of stake holders to be involved, each with a different event perspective and need. eAutomate, with its integrated automation engine, ensures events run smoothly and keep each delegate informed with their own personalised agenda, both in the run up to the event and during.

The connected experience is achieved by using the event information in an intelligent and connected way. All communicates sent are done so with the most relevant and up to date information. Each connection point with delegate is controlled and executed efficiently. Even during the event itself, the delegate is given a personal update of what activities they're booked into and what they can even expect for lunch.

It's event management done right, its what eAutomate was designed to do.
Intelligent Workflow and Automation
At its core, eAutomate has a powerful multi-threaded, multi-task automation engine. This is the heart and soul of the automation framework and what makes eAutomate so powerful.

Tasks are fully self determining, that means they essentially manage themselves.  Deciding when they can execute and when they need additional information to enable them to continue processing. If you consider the idea that each member is likely to require different interactions at different times, why would you force them through the same automated workflow?  It doesn't make sense and leads to a disconnected and inefficient experience. eAutomate frees the member from the constraints of traditional rule based workflows and re-writes the rule book with how systems should interact and engage with their human counterparts.

In essence, eAutomate becomes directly responsible for the delivery of the membership services. It's what we call intelligent membership automation and it will change how membership organisations interact with their membership going forward. What's really exciting is the prospect of what what your organisation can achieve if released from the daily administration operations that are much better left to the autobots.
Member Self Service
Membership self service is central to the entire membership experience. It is critical that all administration tasks can be carried out by the member at all times. No longer is it considered acceptable for the member to have to call or email the administration to update their record, or modify their payment details.

They expect to be able to do this themselves at a time that suits... why shouldn't they?

eAutomate, being a powerful cloud based solution, operates on a single, powerful point of truth database. The theory being that any change on this data, be it affected by the member on the administrator, will trigger the same automated outcome. It must, if the connected, intelligent process is to remain seamless and connected.

Anything less and this level of autonomy will lead to a more frustrating experience for the user and increase the chance of error. Self service operation is one of the corner stones on which true membership automation is built and cannot be seen as an option, as other systems would have you believe.
Native Mobile App
With the fast moving pace of technology, the smart mobile phone or tablet is fast becoming the device of choice for accessing and consuming information. Membership organisations have an ideal opportunity to stay with this trend and provide information on the go for their membership.

With smart automation, it becomes possible to target device specific communications through messaging and custom mobile applications. This requirement is no longer a nice to have, it is now seen as an essential and eAutomate is leading the way in providing seamless access to the services and information when the member chooses.
Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is widely viewed as being the essential feature on for any system and is likely high on the list most membership organisations' shopping lists. In order to make marketing automation an effective and integrated part of the information dissemination to the membership, it has to operate intelligently and work of real time and accurate information at all times.

It's an important consideration as communicating information that is even minutes out of date can be a confusing and frustrating experience for the member. eAutomate has a powerful, fully integrated, communications automation engine that makes marketing to potential new members an enjoyable and connected experience.

If an email is sent, you can be sure it's sent with the correct information at all times. It's the power of automation - driven by membership intelligence.
When we say there are no limits ... we really mean it
When it comes to scale, eAutomate is built to scale to support any size of membership organisation. Scale in our world is really all about how many simultaneous processes are required to support the service to the members need at a level of performance they expect.

This means that when the system needs more performance the system can elastically scale to cope with demand. Being cloud based has its clear advantages. Once the base demand of the system has been determined, this forms the core hosting requirement for the entire application.

No limits really means no limits and we don't expect our clients to compromise on performance, simply providing a great service all year round as you would expect.
Humans and computers working in perfect harmony
Adding intelligent process automation, to any people-centric process, removes the burden and cost of having your staff deliver low value administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on higher value more creative activities.
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